hello there.

yesterday (30.9.2015.), after days of struggle one of our server's primary HDD's has decided to die, taking with it ~300GB of data, including server setup, email accounts, websites, cloud storage and many other support services.

we have obtained a replacement and are already putting the stuff back from our backups, but it will take some time because of our upload speeds limitations and large amount of data that needs to be reuploaded and configured. our estimation is that full recovery will take at least few days up to a week, however most important services like email accounts, websites and streaming services are scheduled to be restored first, data archives, cloud storage and large downloads will follow.

we are sorry for this setback but fortunatelly nothing except few days of data is lost, since we do keep our backups updated. if you are interested in details please contact us at root@kosmoplovci.org.

restored websites:

  • schism.nyc
  • schismworldwide.com
  • aleksvfx.com
  • schismvfx.com
  • arheopedia.com
  • bgdradio.net
  • emoteproductions.com
  • altarchive.org
  • oglasi-auto.rs
  • ibpsa-danube.org
  • monikalang.com
  • armatura-rec.net
  • visualdna.org
  • vlri.org
  • concretedjz.info
  • edit-tehno.net
  • medarh.org
  • betonshow.net
  • kosmoplovci.net
  • p2pool.kosmoplovci.org
  • kosmoplovci.org/spektrum

welcome to kosmoplovci network //
a cooperative society of audiovisual scientists.
developers of new forms. creators of new worlds.
demosceners, artists and professionals cometogether.
emerging from belgrade, serbia, since 1992.
latest update: 02/06/2015
for quite some time, works are underway to integrate bitcoin into our projects. as a first visible note to this change, you can now use the following address to support our work with bitcoin donations:

you can also scan it with the QR-code on the right >>

more information about bitcoin here, here and here.
bitcoin donations
active hosts//
kosmoplovci projects, collaborations and spin-offs guests, colleagues, projects and companies we host and help develop

kosmoplovci main portal, including hundreds of subportals and microsites including floatingjoint (music section), studiostrip (comics and illustration section), fotoplovci, kosmoplovci transmissions, infovirus , kosmoplovci.com and many many more subsites and projects containing gigabytes of free audiovisual stuff to enjoy and download. kosmoplovci.net is now also an alias of www.crsn.com, our first and longest used domain which corrosion used before kosmoplovci transformation. corrosion pages are preserved at corrosion.kosmoplovci.net. we keep all our pages and links active, our portal is backward compatible, you can try 1 2 3 4 5 for seeing previous versions of knet.

archive of alternative film and video, current online home for low-fi video and other projects around independent movie production from the region

media archaeology is a research project, exploring media forms as symptoms of social phenomena

uberlife interactive dvd
infosite for experimental interactive movie, epic saga about good and evil in more than 30 variations, selectable by viewer

visualDNA information and downloadable documentation by Gregor Mobius

visual language research institute

schism.nyc / schismworldwide.com
Our full service digital agency, providing all-round internet solutions, including server/service hosting, web and mobile development.

Aleksandar Djordjevic's new vfx outlet

website for Aleksandar Djordjevic and his professional vfx work

Belgrade based video/film production company

site for used cars sales, based in Kraljevo, Serbia

ethno-archaeologic reconstructions

International Building Performance Simulation Association - Danube Affiliate

personal webspace of Jovan Todorovic - director, photographer and musician

beograund internet radio

techno music podcasts and live stream from concretedjz

armatura records, music label from concretedjz

homepage of Monika Lang, designer


please contact us,
we are your friends.

kosmoplovci.net/com/org 1992-2015

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